This should not sound like any surprise to all of us, in our quiet moments of just pondering our lives, the lives of family and friends, past and present, the fragility of life and the history of our lives as we all get a little older in age and aware that sometimes things happen unexpectedly to all of us, to our nation, other nations, civilizations-past and present. This reality hits us right in the face whenever we watch the evening news on TV, radio or the newspapers. The only thing that never changes is change. Political instability has always been with all nations since the beginning of time. Distant wars, famines in far off countries, climate change, economic change with its inherent instability, our countries and other countries monetary debt situations, that nowadays even far off countries economic situations now can affect us too. Terrorism also is no longer a stranger from time to time and we are now no longer immune to it anymore. When we delve deeper in our our own country's problems we notice our economy is great for awhile then all of a sudden it turns around and quickly becomes lousy with unemployment, Wall St. Scares, Banking System screw-up ups, debt problems both governmental and our own personal debt. Nowadays we see or know people who for years thought of them as well off people , that for various reasons are now broke and humiliated as in bankruptcies. Lingering racial problems that we once though of as solved , now we find that they are not. The cost of living is constantly rising and now just to be in the so called middle class, your job or profession now requires a minimum of a 4 year Bachelor's degree in college which now can cost more than many of us can afford anymore. God forbid one of us can have medical health problems that can also bankrupt us if we don’t have a above average medical plan, that some of us in today's age, after losing their jobs from the up & downs of a lousy economy & no fault of their own, now have no medical plan whatsoever. Everyone of us has already experienced Electrical Power black-outs, which are no fun, especially nowadays they seem to happen more & more frequently. When we look into this we hear about the word: our nation's electrical power grid, and to our ignorance & chagrin, we then find out how vulnerable our Nation's electrical power grid really is and wonder how it got that way? Another thing to think about is our nation's infrastructure, i.e., interstate & local road systems, bridges, dams, airports, coastal cities harbor systems, river levees, etc. This aging civil infrastructures list go on and on. This cost billions of dollars to keep pace with all the infrastructure maintenance and where is the money to fix these projects going to come from, especially from our nation's already dangerous debt problems. We already pay high Federal, State & Local taxes on almost everything as it is now. Thank God The People's Republic of China and Saudi Arabia are our largest purchasers of our US Government Treasury Bills that pay them a whopping approximately 1.35 %, which helps our US Government - along with the taxes we also pay, that runs our country's government. And those 2 countries have no great love for the US. What if those 2 countries stop buying our low paying US Treasury Bills & purchase other country's Treasury Bills that pay the buyer a much higher percentage rate? That would almost immediately affect our country's economy adversely. No I don’t want to sound like a “Party Pooper” or a “bore” but what could happen if the proverbial ”Perfect Storm” hits the Unites States all at one time. Plus, I have only touched upon the “Tip of the Iceberg: we Americans will be facing soon. A weather/climate situation happening at the same time as a government meltdown and the Electric Power Grid fails...all within 1 week. We would be “up the creek, without the paddle” so to speak. There could be a run on all the Supermarkets & pharmacies buying up all the essentials of life, that we take for granted & there is no money to fix & maintain our aging transportation infrastructure with the roads, highways, bridges, railroads, etc. I can even imagine people fighting over what is left of essential store products & grabbing all the meats before they spoil without the electricity that runs the freezers. Chaos would ensue & in some places even violence would be happening. Not a pretty picture. This could actually happen. History is not static. History is full of change. No use hiding our heads in the sand or pulling the blankets over our heads. Even if the “PerfectStorm” does not happen, but just only 1 of the above mentioned scenarios happen, there would be a lot of suffering & chaos nationwide. We at this web site think it would be a good thing to be “pro-active” and cross our fingers, but slowly & thoughtfully prepare for times in the very near future that might make “The 1930’s Great Depression” seem like a picnic by the beach. Also there are items already on the market that have “Dual Purposes” - meaning - if “The Poop Doesn’t Hit the Fan” many “Survivalist” items on this web site, could also be used for other things like: outdoor recreation, camping, fishing, biking & regular upgrading of your current home, which could increase your homes value, at the same time. It is something to think about. History has always shown constant change and change will never stop. This might seem corny, but remember the “Boy Scouts Motto”: Be Prepared. So welcome and all the best to you all from us.