Here are a few more weapons any US citizen can own…if they are interested in owning them. They are perfectly legal by the way. I mentioned a couple on the “artillery” page, but the following deserve an honorable mention.

As far as banning blowguns go, only two states aren’t permitted to own them—Massachusetts and California. A blowgun after all is just a tube…an iconic weapon of jungle warfare. Blowguns were once used by indigenous tribes in South and Central America as well as South East Asia. Hollowed-out sticks are puffed into to eject seeds and darts. With modern cutting edge technology Modern Western blowguns are used by scientists to stun and capture rare lizards in the wild. Regarding using these iconic weapons, if you plan on using them for self-defense purposes remember that darts don't have a lot of stopping power –unless you use poison darts and that’s not legal by any means.

The United States government spends millions of dollars on non-lethal weaponry thinking of innovative ways to shut people down without ending their lives. The Dazzler is one current invention that’s all the buzz lately. It’s is a flashlight-sized device that emits a strobing visual signal that causes individuals to become nauseous and even unconscious. While the military version is off limits, some clever hardware hackers reverse-engineered the technology and released instructions on how to build your own. FYI--There aren't any laws on the books regarding these light-powered combat devices.