Behavioral symptoms result in conflict due to rape, violence, murder, physical and verbal abuse. Emotions of frustration, jealousy, arrogance, anger and hate become internal turmoil when people are conflicted. The American family suffers from a continuous state of war. Conflicts affect parents, spouses, and children and plant the seeds for disturbance and unhappiness. Conflict between husband, wife and children is a constant source of unhappiness.

Every person on this planet is living and reacting from their deep inner conflicts. Our brains are wired to behave and react to conflict. One part of our brains is dominant over the other part and constantly competes with itself. The human mind is always thinking. Our ideas and thoughts are always in continual conflict as they interact between persons, groups, and nations.

One who is not opposed to war could be comparable to one who desires death for other human beings. Yet you could argue that, to be opposed war is also a form of hate. For if one is against anything it could be considered a form of hatred. Let’s look at the Vietnam War, this was the beginning of the acceleration of another round of international and domestic conflict. Hatred can be seen on both sides of every issue. It is in the nature of human beings to desire conflict…it’s what it is.

Is it possible to stop all wars? Perhaps. Through the United Nations, the members of the Security Council, and if all the nuclear powers agreed, war could be banished. But here’s the problem: countries like the United States see war as a means to improve their economic situation. America has benefited in so many ways from war. Where would our great country be without the war it waged against the American Indian tribes, their women, children and their entire way of life? This “feat” has caused a great downfall regarding the American people—they are addicted to war.