Doomsday is coming

Doomsday will arrive…as to when psychics and scholars like to think they have all the answers and spend their time throwing predictions our way. But all the answers are written on the wall…at least biblically speaking. Predictions have been made and have come into fruition over the past few years and even those who say they don’t believe are starting to raise their eyebrows. We can choose to simply ignore the facts and what is blatantly visible or we can start preparations for our survival. Because whether we choose to ignore the facts or not…the inevitable is going to happen whether our eyes are closed or whether they’re wide open.

WW3 arrives, the nuclear bombs are blasting, where will you seek refuge? You may not realize this, butpowerful individuals around the world have already set a plan in motion for such an event, and they haven’t included you. Did you know that mega-bunkers have been secretly built for the last 60 years, safeguarding world leaders and government structures…so they can continue on their merry way.

There are countless underground bunkers to explore. Most underground bunkers known to the public end up being abandoned, so most if not all of these bunkers won’t be the primary bunkers for government leaders when things go down.

Underground bunkers and shelters are not the only needed resources you’ll need when the big “D” arrives. You’ll need food, ammo, and other resources if you’re going to survive. Did you know that deep inside a mountain on a remote island located in the Svalbard archipelago halfway between Norway and the North Pole sits a Global Seed Vault? Preparations are already underway in case of a global disaster such as this.

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