Everyday's television, Internet & newspapers have all sorts of articles related mostly to world events of course, but also any aberrations in normal weather patterns are always listed, but not on the front pages, unless it involves a hurricane, earthquake, landslide or the mid-west and now more recently, southeastern states like Alabama. They are new phenomenons of more tornadoes, where not long ago, most tornadoes were happening mostly in the mid western states & the Great Plains states. Right there, this shows weather pattern changes that are very recent. Sometimes the new media mentions that certain atomic power plants are dangerously located on or very near earthquake fault lines, even dangerously close to large cities or heavily populated suburban areas that usually surround most cities. So it is no longer surprising to sit down after work & have supper with the television news, first talking about foreign affairs, then right after the nightly news frequently mention (depending which states you reside in) local weather caused aberrations or odd geological happenings like after sustained rain. We now are having more landslides especially in the north western pacific states like Washington and Oregon. Then, further down the Pacific coastal states like California, of course the earthquakes and the late summer/early autumn brush fires that the local winds. The above is mostly weather and geologic news which would always be shown on all media news.

Another “News” to keep an eye on is the “Business and Economic “ news. Again, all this type of its latest news is always shown on all TV, Internet and newspaper media. I mention ‘Business and Economic” news which can and always does affect our lives with the “Up” & “Downs” inherent in our “Dodge City” type of capitalism, with very few economic controls that favor the “dwindling - middle class” of all races and creeds in our country. In my opinion, most of us have more to fear from “Economic Problems”-” "National Debt Problems” and “Corporate Lobbyists Influence” in our capital, Washington, D.C. with each one, with their vested corporate interests, over the near future, it is more of a dangerous phenomena to us in the near and long term than naturally caused disasters, like hurricanes, winter Nor'easters, tornadoes and earthquakes. But, that is just my personal opinion. We all must keep our eyes at least once a day if possible, on the complete news of the day, especially if you can get a local PBS News (Public Broadcasting System) which is not commercial and therefore is not a biased news program. You are all individual people with different tastes and political views. So, don’t let me (a total stranger) tell you what news to watch. That would be ridiculous. Just try to keep up with the daily news as much as possible. So, Good Evening Folks, and that’s the way it was for today and good night from, so and so.. bye for now.