There is no way to predict when and where the next super tornado will hit, but it is practical to assume that we will experience another disaster of this at any time.

The United States is not the only nation to encounter these deadly killing machines. On April 26, 1989, 1300 people died in Bangladesh due to the massive Daultipur-Salturia Tornado. The only continent that seems immune from tornadoes is Antarctica. Scientists have advanced systems for detecting tornadoes, but last minute warnings are not 100% effective. All anyone can do is cross their fingers.

The next big ice age could leave humanity in the same boat as the dinosaurs. In case you need a reminder---they’re dead. On four separate occasions there has been evidence that a global freeze has taken over. Jupiter and Saturn play tug of war with the Earth's orbit, resulting in the amount of sunlight we can absorb. The ice that will form over the earth due to plunging temperatures will mirror the little sunlight we'll be receiving. Another FYI-- fossil fuels will be exhausted in around 300 years, leaving humanity to come up with a new game plan if we don’t want to freeze to death.

We will need to know how to grow food and create energy without the use of fossil fuels. The truth? The odds of this happening aren’t in our favor.