“Every citizen should be a soldier, this was the case of the Greeks and Romans and must be that of every Free State.”

~Thomas Jefferson

The idea that every citizen has the right and responsibility to protect their freedom is the idealism of the Jefferson Militia. A true citizen of the free republic needs to be mentally and physically prepared at all times. Anything less places you off guard and into the hands of those who want to project their power. Today’s most western democracy these rights are constantly being questioned and the responsibility is pretty much ignored.

Regarding tactical gear, it’s probably not in your best interested to draw any attention by looking like your parading the streets of Baghdad. Your efforts should be focused on having a concealed carry rig tucked away in a safe place. A rifle and a way to carry food and water is something else to focus on.

In general terms people talk about lines of gear.The first line of gear usually refers to what you’re wearing. The second line of gear refers to your fighting load. And the third line is your rucksack or your substantial load—this refers to your “tactical” gear, for example…what would you put on if all of the sudden you woke up to are dawn situation. There are also everyday things you’ll need to have on hand in your home bag.

So what’s in your home bag? Your everyday carry such as; concealed carry gun and holster, pocket knife, belt, and other things.