Food…Will you have enough if disaster strikes?

NO one likes to think what would happen is global disaster reared its ugly head, but the truth of the matter is that it could and will unravel sooner than you think. Would you and those you care about be prepared for the worst? Where would you go? Would you be able to defend you and your family at all cost? And lastly…would you have enough food and water to stay alive if you had to go underground to a hidden shelter?

When chaos strikes your focus should turn to survival. Providing food and water for yourself and your loved ones should be your main concern. Food and water for a short-term disaster is an easier fix than addressing the need to cultivate the ability to keep a maintainable supply for an unlimited period. So…you’ll need to create a lasting food and water supply.

The concern with a long-term water supply is sometimes finding the water, and making sure the water is safe to drink. You’ll need to have at least a gallon of water a day for each person, so instituting your water source quickly is crucial as you prepare for long-term survival.

You'll need to obtain your water source from a spring, river or some other source but most importantly you'll need to decide whether the source is safe enough to drink.

Then there’s food… You can usually store a longer-lasting food supply and it will take up less room for more people than water. At some point you will need to have enough food supply. This means you’ll need to be resourceful by growing, raising, hunting and fishing for your food.