There are many items that people should have during times of disaster. Every list is dependent on the conditions a person might find himself in. The American public should be constantly aware of their surroundings and keep equipped if they’re going to maintain their Constitutional rights as a republic. The slow rising tide of tyranny in this nation gives cause and concern for the right to protect ourselves and our families.

While no one can predict “doomsday”…there are enough reasons in which each American citizen should be protecting their heritage and their rights from those who would much rather snatch them away any chance they get. American soldiers are not only those who swear in and leave their families for training--each adult American citizen is a citizen soldier and should be preserving his/her precious liberties. Our liberties are drowning in perilous waters as the power hungry sharks continue to circle around us. There is no leverage unless we as American citizens prepare ourselves and our families. Yes, the burden has fallen upon us. The following items are essential for any soldier to take the fight to the enemy: Rifle, Ammo, Boots and Socks, Body Armor, Night vision, protective mask, and of course…a bible.

These items are not the only equipment needed by American citizens but they’re the most important. While some of these items are costly and beyond the ability of most to buy all at once, it can be done over several months. Each of these items has the ability to keep you alive and ready for combat to fight another day.

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