End Times

People have been chattering about the end of the world and the signs that tell all for years. If you look between the pages of the most popular read book of all time clues are revealed and have been unraveling for quite some time. While these tell-tale signs may be true as they blatantly stare us in the face—psychics and preachers have jumped on this every chance they get. The world was coming to end at the turn of the new millennium. When the economic crisis fell into the laps of each American in 2007 this was yet another sign that gave preachers and psychics yet another reason to tell everyone to say their prayers and hold on tight—the world was going to end!

One obvious “sign” are the perilous times we live in. Turn on your TV and watch the news, it’s all over the place. Look at all the uprisings happening globally each day. People are protesting and rioting is an everyday occurrence. The government is still the government with its dirty little secrets and outright lies while the middleclass that once stood for freedom and the American dream has been shot down, burnt to the ground by power munging greed suckers. The economy sits handcuffed in a continuous melting pot, while countries are nearly bankrupt. The same families who have controlled our nation continue to do so…setting precedence for a one world currency—aiding in the enforcement of the “mark”…with one goal in mind. This new world order keeps those in control in control and the little people from “buying and selling”. This is just the tip of the iceberg as we know it.