Preparing for global disaster is vital for the survival of the human race, but for most people they are clueless or simply unaware of what to do or where to begin. The key to knowledge is educating ourselves on the necessary topics needed for basic survival.

This website is the first step inti educating yourself as to what is happening in our world in and around the United States of America. We cannot sit and turn a blind eye while the government continues to thwart power and control of the American Citizens. Turning a blind eye will only cause the downfall and demise of citizen soldiers who at this time are struggling to win back their country—the country started by our forefathers; a country that stood for freedom and the right to pursue peace, justice, and pursuit of happiness.

Sadly, our country has taken a turn for the worse as economy continues to crash and the elite government officials continue to rake in the dough. The middle class has ceased to exist as American Families struggle to live in a country that has been taken over by power and greed. Cutting edge technology has allowed the government into our homes and workplaces to spy on us as they will. The signs have been in front of us for quite some time…what are we going to do?

It is up to you to educate yourselves and prepare yourselves…now!