Coastal Overview

Your membership in Coastal Vacations is for life: it never expires. As long as you have your Coastal identification number, you may renew your membership no matter how much time has elapsed since your last renewal. Whether you are a travel-only member of Coastal Vacations or a Coastal business entrepreneur, your product experience will not be complete until you have stayed at one of the condo/resort properties or taken a cruise. These luxury resorts and cruises offered at extraordinary prices will thrill you.

This opportunity has provided us with the vehicle to earn a very substantial income by offering real value in a high demand market. We now have over $15,000 worth of value in our Coastal Vacations Level One Package with discounted resorts, hotels, cruises, airfares, package tours, meals, theme parks, car rentals, golf and skiing plus hundreds of complimentary mini-vacations and much, much more. Coastal membership just gets better year after year. It is extremely satisfying to have our travel-only clients be absolutely thrilled with our membership packages.

This was designed for people just like you. People who love varied and exciting vacations in different parts of the world and who demand quality every step of the way. With Coastal Vacations you have it all. Please use and enjoy your membership.