Bearing in mind the efforts of certain dictator-led countries in the Middle and Far East to obtain nuclear weapons, we need to be on guard.

Can you survive a nuclear attack?

The answer is yes, you can survive a nuclear attack. But you won’t have any chance of survival unless you’re prepared!

Preparing an Underground Bomb Shelter

Something to think about: those within 2-3 miles of ground zero will not do well. This is an ill-fated reality, and the best you can do is plan not to be within close range to a target site. Are you living in a nuclear threat location that will be effected by the blast? After a nuclear discharge and passage of the blast wave, the next greatest loss of life is a consequence of radioactive fallout, which can linger for hundreds of miles downwind. It will take days for the level of radioactivity to drop to non-lethal levels. It’s time to start planning for survival.

If you don’t have any knowledge about nuclear weaponry, it may be hard to imagine the damage caused by a nuclear bomb. Here’s a picture of what happens during and after a nuclear explosion:

If a 50 kiloton bomb was detonated on the surface of the earth (not in the air), you would need to be at least 2 miles away from ground zero to survive the blast. At or around 2 miles from ground zero, the speed of the blast would drop from about 2,000 mph to 60 mph. One mile from ground zero the blast wind will have the strength of a category 4 hurricane: around 170 mph. Every structure (except for the strongest) would be leveled as the blast shot out and then sucked back after a few seconds. Regarding survival, the key is distance.