Continuing security issues and threats, the United States continues to struggle with immigration.

The United States encompasses more immigrants than any other nation on the planet. 42 million foreign-born residents inhabit this country, and more than 200 million people dwell outside their home country. The US also happens to be the world's largest population of illegal immigrants. More than half of these illegal immigrants are from Mexico.

This is an issue that U.S. lawmakers continue to struggle with. The challenge remains: how to deal with the millions of illegal immigrants who already are living and working inside their countries, how to keep unwanted immigrants out; and how to help immigrants integrate. Because of the large number of immigrants (and still rising) in this county, the issue remains at hand-and it’s a big one.

Congress has made multiple attempts in the past decade to endorse comprehensive immigration reform, legislation that would stabilize border security, a guest-worker program and legalization for illegal immigrants. The most recent attempt failed in the Senate in 2007 amongst a national outcry over what critics labeled as "amnesty." Despite continuing discussion on this matter, politicians have been disinclined to revisit the issue, instead focusing on border security and enforcement. Well…until now with Donald Trump vying for the upcoming presidential elections.

Trump’s campaign claimed the increase in migrant crossings is proof that the candidate’s messaging has been effective. Igniting powerful backlash and allegations of racism and anti-immigrant sentiments last year, Trump announced the world his immigration policy by saying Mexico is deliberately sending “criminals” and “rapists” across the border. He pledged to build a huge border wall and make Mexico pay for it.